Terry Angelos Art

Terry is known for her quirky, whimsical art and textile designs printed on sustainable fabric.

You can book your online Watercolour course here!

Terry's bestselling memoir WHITE TRASH available! 

Terry Angelos

Artist, Illustrator & Author

My art is rooted in an African childhood spent exploring the natural world. Curiosity compels me. Watercolour is my preferred medium as it captures the whimsey and quirky details I am drawn to.

I have always loved making art accessible and affordable. I LOVE the idea of printable art as it's the ultimate way to do that. 

I also make art accessible through my online courses which are beginner friendly and full of inspiration. 

Every effort has been made to create art that prints beautifully. 

Art Studio


South Africa 

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Artist Studio

Albizia Place, Westville, Durban, South Africa

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By Appointment 

By Appointment